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Our most distinctive feature is our handmade products.

We often work with soft, delicate, and expensive leather taken from lambs, deer, and calves, which often cannot be made on machines, therefore, improving our skills, which has become our forte.

While verifying the elongation of the leather by hand, while confirming individual difference of leather with hands and eyes, it can fit in the optimum position in the optimum shape.

Each artisan is responsible for all the shoemaking processes including the final step of attaching the sole. They mark their product to be able to figure out who created which pair. The marks are not visible to the customers, but each shoe is an artisan’s pride.

We have preserved our style and have been providing products, conceived proudly by the artisans, for over 60 years.


The Ito Seika shoes, created with hands, leather, skills, and people, pursues comfort and beauty.

We have machines, of course. However, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our shoes are created by the experience and training of our people above all else.

The craftsmen see, touch, and feel out the conditions of the leather, making it the best it could be. That is how they make shoes that carry with them the softness of the leather.

See the artisans’ reliable skills for yourself.


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