Osaka Shoes Maker Union brand, COSAEMA

COSAEMA is a brand that connects consumers and makers.

We, the Osaka Shoes Maker Union, have a tradition of shoemaking skills and

know-how, and more than anything, is an organization that makes our own shoes.

we continue to make “Osaka’s shoes” day by day.

The times have passed, changing the norms in the business of distribution. In such a time, us makers are in a more intimate place with you, the consumers.

We established COSAEMA with the concept of becoming the bridge between the gaps of such change.


What is COSAEMA?

You may think that COSAEMA is an overseas brand, but it’s a Japanese brand. To be more specific, an Osaka brand. The name was inspired by a term from an Osaka dialect–cosaema.

Good shoes in an Osaka dialect is “eekutsu”, and tsukuru or to make is “cosaeru”. The corporate members of the Osaka Shoes Maker Union have been doing their best with the spirit of “eekutsu cosaema”, meaning, “We make good shoes.”

The spirit of COSAEMA has been around since the old times.

COSAEMA born in Osaka, the city of shoes

Speaking of shoes making in Japan, Osaka is one of the most prosperous industries since it was called alongside Tokyo, Asakusa and Kobe.

Companies related to the shoe industry are concentrated especially in Naniwa and Nishinari wards in Osaka. These areas have many shoe manufacturers and stores that sell leather and other materials for shoes, wholesale shops, and retail shops and is where many members of the shoemaking industry reside.

The towns have been supporting one another and the shoe industry in this city of shoes. It is exactly why Osaka is called the city of shoes.
We have expressed our history and shoemaking skills and knowledge, simply in a phrase of “eekutsu cosaema.”
We hope that you can sense our confidence and pride as shoemakers.

We have a lot of things we can and want to do. For example, making COSAEMA shoes, holding COSAEMA events, and spreading information on COSAEMA via our website.
COSAEMA has taken off in November 2018, carry with it our hopes to do something fun, to make something fun, and to do something new rather than staying busy with our daily tasks.

Please stay tuned to what COSAEMA has in store!


The introduction of COSAEMA members

We are the COSAEMA members.
We are a unique bunch! The only we have in common is that we are shoemakers in Osaka!


At the same that we are members, we are also rival.

Each has pride in his or her work and give respect to the other. That could be due to the spirit of craftsmanship in shoemaking that they have gained in Osaka.

The members have teamed up as professional craftsmen in order to create a new movement under the concept of COSAEMA.

This is Team COSAEMA